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Summer Submarine Sandwich – Before Subway

You will notice from my title that the word Southern is not in the name of the recipe.  A sub sandwich was unheard of when I was growing up in the South.  We had bologna sandwiches and lunch meat sandwiches but I never heard of salami.  My interest was piqued in sub sandwiches when I started visiting Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in the 80’s and was exposed to Deli’s and sub sandwiches.  Then the idea evolved into being a part of the southern culture.  We now have the Deli’s as part of our grocery stores and culture.  I love the Italian subs at Firehouse and we have a local sandwich shop that has the best garlic chicken sandwiches ever.

I clipped this submarine sandwich recipe from a magazine in the 80’s and it incorporates some of our summertime vegetables which would make it a little bit healthy.  I also know that you can purchase the low sodium processed sandwich meats also.

summer sub sandwich

You could cut this sandwich into smaller portions and take it to a pot luck meal.  Different types of meat and cheese can be substituted for the items in the recipe and makes this a very flexible recipe.

You are probably thinking, what did we eat in the South instead of the submarine sandwich?  As far as I am concerned, the best sandwich ever was a thick slice of bologna, fried.  You would put that bologna on two slices of untoasted white bread that had a generous amount of standard French’s mustard on it.  A great addition to this wonderful bologna sandwich was a slice of onion.  It was just as good, if not better, than any submarine sandwich I have ever tasted.  Of course, if it is summertime, you just can’t beat a fresh tomato sandwich with Duke’s Mayonnaise.

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  1. We had fried bolgna sandwiches in the north too. Poor man’s steak it was called. The subs was called “poorboys” then. I had my first one at a lunch counter at Kressge’s before it was K-mart. It has been so long ago I don’t remember how to spell the 5&10 stores name. Now that sandwich is part of American cuisen. Different parts of the country had different names for the sandwich. Nice walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing.


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