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Minny’s/Mabel’s Caramel Cake

As you look at the recipe listed below you will see that the person submitting it is named Sharon Brickma. As I have mentioned before I am now reading the book, “The Help.” In the book, Minny has a signature caramel cake that she bakes to comfort her friends and family.  It is a tradition in her family.  That peaked my interest in finding a caramel cake recipe.  I searched through my regional southern cookbooks and found only this recipe.  It was in a very old church recipe book published in the 80’s.

As I thought about the recipe and why I would not have it listed in a cookbook, I realized that Minny was a black maid and this probably came from their culture.  I do not have a regional cookbook from a black church.  However, as I continue my yard sale adventures, that is something I will be searching for.  If you look at the ingredients, they are simple and not that expensive and that might be another consideration.

caramel icing

Even though times have changed since the era of the book, “The Help,” the caramel cake is an example of Southern cooks comforting others with a product of their kitchen.  Many times I have been depressed or just out of sorts and went into the kitchen and prepared something special for someone else.  First of all, I felt in control again as usually when you follow a recipe for potato salad, it doesn’t turn into lasagna.  Second, when I gave of myself and cooked from the heart, it lifted my spirits and I hope it lifted the spirits of the receiver of the food.

Happy Friday Everyone.

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  1. It will be interesting is you can find a cookbook that has the recipe.

  2. Some times it was called burnt sugar cake. Also original Tennessee jam cake was a caramel cake variation. This might help you find the cake recipe. The frosting was always time consuming and cooks would only share to close freinds or family as a secret recipe. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing. Oh. I picked up.some realty great cook books this month in a thrift store. Keep your eyes open. There is some real treasures out there to be had for next to nothing in cost. It gives us something new to cook and share.

    • Thanks for sharing that information. I actually think I have seen the burnt sugar cake recipe and I have heard of Tennessee jam cake. I will check my cookbooks. My yard sales were rained out on Saturday but I have to go to a thrift store this week and I will definitely look at the books. I enjoy your blog too!!!!!!!!


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