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An Estate Sale Find and A Brownie Recipe

Last Saturday was a rainy day in our area.  However, being avid yard sale people, my husband and I decided to make a go of it and see if we could get a couple of yard sales in before it started to rain.  We went to an estate sale where I found the cookbook that I am featuring today.  It appealed to me as it is from the Congregation of Duke University Chapel in Durham, NC.  I thought they may have some recipes in their book that would be a little different from the ones we use in the foothills of North Carolina.  As I browsed through the book, I discovered prayers of grace and blessing to be used at mealtime and I thought that was an interesting feature for a church cookbook.

In the summer, brownies are a good possibility for the many outings we attend.  I really like this recipe and I have a friend that always adds a handful of chocolate chips to all of her brownie recipes and I thought that was a great tip.

We were able to attend one yard sale and this estate sale before the rains came and I got totally soaked leaving this estate sale.  I was very happy with my finds and I know I will have an event this summer to use this recipe.

bernie's brownies

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  1. Finding fundraiser cookbooks are always fun. There is always little jewels in the recipes. Thanks for sharing.


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