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Pickled Green Beans and Pickled Onions

I truly believe that if you have misplaced something or can’t find something, if you will just give your mind a rest, your sub-conscious will help you discover where it is.  Last week, Chef Sage left a comment on my blog and said she was looking for a pickled green bean recipe.  I searched through my local cookbooks and could not find a recipe for pickled green beans.  Yesterday, while cooking in my kitchen, I realized that I had seen a recipe for pickled green beans in one of my Betty Feezor cookbooks.  Betty Feezor was a local TV personality that had a homemaking show on WBTV in Charlotte.  I enjoyed her so much and have a couple of her cookbooks.  I searched through them and there it was, plain as day.  I am sharing it now as a follow up to Chef Sage’s request earlier in the week.  As I was scanning the recipe, I saw the one below it for pickled onions and thought it looked interesting so I included it in the post.  I think these are two great ways to use all of those summer vegetables.

BF pickled beans

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