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Zucchini Pancakes Anyone?

I have been featuring Dori Sanders cookbook, “Country Cooking” on my blog for the last few days.  Dori’s recipes reminded me so much of the way I grew up in the South.  My parent’s families were farmers and I think their way of life was very similar to Dori’s.

Starting today, I am going to share a new tradition with you and that would be my love for Ina Garten’s cookbooks and recipes.  During the summer months and over the holidays, I will go through my Ina Garten cookbooks to find new ways of preparing some of my favorite foods.  Over the next few day, I will share some of her recipes that are my favorites. I have four Ina Garten cookbooks and my favorite has to be my first one, “Barefoot Contessa At Home.”  I gained so much confidence in preparing new and unusual dishes just from following Ina’s recipes.  She is so clear and concise about how to prepare each one of her recipes and even though some of them are time consuming, they are well worth the effort.

Here is a picture of the cookbook:

barefoot contessa at home


The recipe for zucchini pancakes is in this cookbook and when I first saw it I thought it was a little weird.  However, I gave it a try and it was actually very good and a little different from usual summer sides of corn, potatoes or other fresh vegetables..  It is fairly easy to make and I think it would be a great recipe for a parent to make with their young children.  Most children love pancakes and probably would give this a try, especially if they were involved in either the planting and harvesting of the zucchini or making the pancakes.

zuchini pancakes

Here is the picture of the pancakes from the cookbook.

zuchini pancakes 2



I really amazed myself when I switched totally from my Dori Sanders recipes to my Ina Garten recipes.  I think I will use my Dori Sanders recipes when I want to prepare food that stir memories of my childhood. I will use my Ina Garten recipes when I want to make new memories of special meals for special people and special times.



The Pisgah Covered Bridge

There are two covered bridges in North Carolina, one is located in Randolph County  and is the Pisgah Covered Bridge.  The other one is the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge and is located in Claremont, NC and that is only a few miles from my home.  Earlier this year, we visited the Pisgah Bridge as we were traveling to Seagrove, NC.  Today, I am sharing pictures of the Pisgah Bridge.  Even though we visited in February, the setting is so serene and beautiful.  There is a walking trail beside the bridge and runs parallel to the water.


Interior of the bridge






The picture below is a view of the bridge from the river.








Below is a picture of the walking trail.



I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the Pisgah Covered Bridge and I think I am inspired to go take some pictures of the Bunker Hill Bridge and share them with you soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dori Sanders Peach Salad and Okra Parmigiana

Reading Dori Sander’s cookbook, Country Cooking has been like a walk down memory lane for me.  It has been great to reminisce about visiting area fruit stands when I was young and maybe that is where my love for fresh fruits and vegetables originated.  As Dori owned and ran a fruit stand, it is good to see the farm life from her perspective.

As Dori was very involved in the production of peaches, I must include a recipe for peach salad.  Of course, she has a couple of wonderful peach pie recipes in her book but I thought this looked good and would be a little easier to prepare.  It is a recipe that her mother prepared so it has been in her family tradition for a long time.

peach salad

The Okra Parmigiana is a recipe created by Dori.  She had a customer to visit her peach stand and Dori suggested she buy okra.  The customer declined even though Dori suggested using the okra several different ways.  Dori happened to look at a recipe for Eggplant Parmigiana in the newspaper she was reading and asked the customer if she had ever made okra parmigiana.  The lady said she had never heard of it and asked for the recipe.  Dori told her she didn’t have it but would bring it the next day.  Dori went by the grocery store and bought the ingredients for the eggplant parmigiana and went home and spent most of the night creating a recipe for okra parmigiana.  Dori had a recipe swap board at her fruit stand and the next morning she had the copies of her recipe written out by hand and on the board.  It was a very popular recipe and many people bought okra because of Dori’s creation.

Okra Parmigiana Page 1

okra parmigana

Okra Parmigiana Page 2

okra parmigana 2

After reading this book, I realize that Dori is a very accomplished cook, farmer, businesswoman and author.  Her book is so beautifully written and is truly a vivid example of Country Cooking traditions of the South. I would think of Dori as being a “find a way, make a way” kind of Southern woman.  Thanks for stopping by.

Dore Sander’s Vegetables

This week I am featuring recipes from a cookbook I am reading, “Dori Sanders Country Cooking.”  This book brings back so many memories for me.  Dori lives on a farm in York, South Carolina and the produce from the farm is sold at the family’s  peach stand.  Dori describes each recipe so beautifully and stirs so many memories for me of my childhood.  Back in the day, we stayed at home all summer and it was a real treat when we would drive out in the country to visit a fruit stand and buy vegetables.  Many times we would visit a stand, buy a watermelon and go to a picnic table nearby and eat the melon.  I would be super excited because each stand had a personality of it’s own.  Some of them were built very sturdily and some of them would be no more than just a roof built to cover and protect the fruit and vegetables from the sun.

Today, I am sharing two of Dori’s vegetable recipes.  The first is for crowder peas and reminds me of my sister, Maxine.  She was a picky eater but she absolutely loved crowder peas.  I love crowder peas too and they are so good when they are cooked with bacon grease.  If you serve them with fresh corn bread and fresh sliced tomatoes, you don’t need anything else.

This is page one of the crowder pea recipe

crowder peas 1

This is page two of the crowder pea recipe

crowder peas 2


Here is the recipe Dori mentions for the cornbread

skilled corn bread

I am also including a recipe for stir fry vegetables that looks delicious.  As much as I love summertime and the fruits and vegetables of summer, I do become overwhelmed at times when I have a few squash, tomatoes or other vegetables on hand.  This would be a great way to incorporate a few vegetables into one delicious dish.

Here is the first page of the stir fry vegetable recipe

dtir fry vegetables


Here is the second page of the stir fry vegetable recipe.

dtir fry vegetables 2

Thank you Dori Sanders for stirring such wonderful memories of simple pleasures of my childhood.  Thank you to you, my readers, for letting me share those memories with you.

Dori Sanders’s Peppery Milk Gravy

Dori Sanders is a Southern writer from York, South Carolina.  She still lives on the family farm and works with family members planting, harvesting and running the farm where they sell peaches, okra,, crowder peas and other wonderful produce they grow.  When I was browsing through our library the other day, I borrowed Dori’s cookbook and I am enjoying it.  Her collection of recipes are truly southern recipes and bring back so many memories of my experiences growing up in the south.

Here is a picture of the book:
dorrie sanders cookbook


Dori includes a recipe in her cookbook for marinated wild turkey with peppery milk gravy.  Today I am going to share the peppery milk gravy recipe with you and I am sure it could be used with any type of pan drippings. I am not a big fan of gravy but a well seasoned gravy of the right consistency can’t be beat.  As I read Dori’s recipe I thought it looked extremely easy to prepare and reminded me of the way my Mother would make gravy.  My Mother always used water instead of the milk.


pepper gravy

After reading this cookbook, I want to read Dori’s books, Clover and A Place Of Her Own.  In this cookbook, Dori invites us to her family’s farm and offers us delicious country cooking along with her family experiences.  I look forward to sharing more of her recipes with you this week and thanks for stopping by.





Southern Living Recipes Again

Today I am sharing more recipes from the cookbook “Southern Living 40 Years of Our Best Recipes.  Southern Living is a magazine that I enjoyed for many years.  I know for sure there were and still are many home cooks that would receive their magazine and be inspired by the cover photo.  They would make the recipe and probably serve it to their family for dinner that very same day. The magazine features gardening articles, travel articles about Southern places and recipes that are photographed beautifully.

The first recipe I am sharing with you is for a Nacho Dip.  This type of mexican dip was all the rage in the 80’s and I remember going to so many events that served a version of this.  The recipe is easy to make and I think it would be a hit for any event.

nacho dip

The second recipe for Blue Cheese Thumbprints caught my eye and looks easy to make.  It has such an unusual combination o f foods and would be a great alternative to cheese straws that are made with cheddar cheese.  I would definitely be inspired to make these.


thumbprint cookies

The next recipe includes white chocolate and that has become one of my favorite new flavors.  If I saw this recipe on the cover of my Southern Living Magazine, I am sure I would make it right away.  In fact, this recipe is one that I plan to use for our holiday celebrations.

white choc cake

I am so glad I was able to share some of the best recipes from Southern Living Magazine.  I do believe the magazine enriched my Southern life in so many ways.  Thanks for stopping by.

40 Years of Southern Living Magazines Best Recipes

I love to visit he library and I always browse through the cookbook section.  Recently, I found a great cookbook entitled “Southern Living 40 Years of Our Best Recipes.  I checked the book out and saw so many recipes in the book that I really wanted to try.  Southern Living Magazine is a magazine about the South that began in 1966.  This cookbook showcases many of the great recipes published in the magazine over the years.

Last week I shared with you the Tomato Basis Asparagus Pasta Salad that is in the book. Today I want to share two more recipes and the first one is for spicy okra tomato corn saute. I saw fresh okra at the farmers market last week and I do plan to purchase some soon.  Okra is a very southern vegetable and I think you either love it or hate it.  I think you could use fresh okra in this recipe even though it calls for frozen okra.  I do prepare frozen okra in the winter because I think it is great in vegetable soup or fried.

okra saute

The next recipe I am sharing with you caught my eye because it has a comment from John Grisham and he is one of my favorite Southern authors.  In fact, I have one of his books on my walkman right now and I listen to it at the gym.  Catfish Lafitte is not a dish I am familiar with at all and I had never tasted catfish until earlier this year.  This recipe is for pan fried catfish in a cajun cream sauce.  It does sound good and I will agree with John about the pan fried fish as it is definitely my favorite way of eating fish.


I enjoyed this cookbook so much and it was a sentimental journey for me as I read many of the recipes and remembered seeing them for the first time in my Southern Living Magazine.  I really believe the magazine was a big influence in my cooking development and helped me to prepare many great Southern dishes.

I have a few more recipes from the book that I will share with you on Friday.  Thanks for stopping by.






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