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Watergate Cake -A Hometown Favorite

On Monday I wrote about returning to my home town of Rockingham, NC for my high school class reunion.  I wanted to write again about my hometown and share some type of dish that would be unique to the town.  I tried to think of a favorite food that we would eat in high school.  Well, just what do you think I came up with?  Pizza, burgers, fries and onion rings were our teenage favorites. So I continued to think of anything that might be a favorite from my childhood.  I started thinking of how excited my Mother would get, if she had a new cake recipe.  She was super excited when she realized she could incorporate a cake mix into a recipe and save time. She would whip up one of the cakes made with Duncan Hines cake mix and other ingredients to make it extra special. I do know it was a tradition for the women my Mother worked with to share recipes and it wasn’t unusual to come home from school and have a new cake or dessert to sample. I think I inherited my “sweet tooth.” thanks to my Mother’s love for baking.

The recipe I am sharing with you today is for Watergate cake from a local church cookbook.  It was created when the Watergate scandal occurred during the Nixon Administration in Washington, DC.  I had already moved away from home but I do remember my Mother and many other people talking about it. I have eaten the cake and I think it is very good.

watergate cake

I do see cake mix incorporated in lots of recipes in my old cookbooks and think incorporating them into a recipe was very creative.  The frosting includes envelopes of dream whip and I think you could substitute cool whip for the dream whip if it is not available in your area. When I was a newlywed, I do remember using cake mix in many of my recipes until I gained enough confidence in my cooking abilities to make a “from scratch” cake.

Below is a picture of Rohanen Middle School in Rockingham, NC. The high school I graduated from has been torn down and the middle school was built on that site.



Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my home town with you.


Thoughts About The Rohanen High School Graduating Class of 1964

On Saturday I went to my high school graduating class reunion of 50 years ago. In previous years, I only returned to my home town of Rockingham, NC for my 10th reunion in 1974. There were two reasons I returned for this reunion.  First of all, my very best friend from high school passed away recently and I realized that time was slipping away and I might not have an opportunity to see some of my classmates again.  Second, I was contacted by phone from a fellow classmate because my address had changed and they were searching for me.  I do believe that contact by phone helped me to make the decision to attend.

Here is the picture of me and my classmates Saturday. By the way, I am the first person on the left in the front row. It was Mr. D’s idea to make this picture a sepia tone and I really like it.  We are all looking in different directions because as we were posing for the picture our spouses along with the photographer was taking pictures and you really did not know where to focus.  Sort of like the paparazzi, right?

2014-09-27 20.23.49


I will say it does take some courage to attend a reunion when you haven’t seen these people for such a long time.  However, after walking into the room and making the initial contact, I felt comfortable and genuinely happy to see my classmates.

Rohanen High School was located in East Rockingham and we were surrounded by manufacturing plants and so we were “Mill Hill” people.  Growing up, I did not know I should be ashamed of that and I just knew my parents worked in a mill.  Our school was very small and the most interesting thing to me now is that many of us went through 12 grades of school together.  In this day and time that doesn’t happen anymore.

I thought I had a picture of our graduating class in 1964 and I found it.  By the way, I am the 6th person from the left on the second row:

class pictureSo some final thoughts about our graduating class and our reunion:

I think everyone was very happy to see each other and our cliques do not exist anymore.

Many of my classmates stayed in Rockingham and mostly because their family was there.

We have retired but many of us are still working full time or part-time.

I was surprised at the many people that remembered my Mother.  I also had people that I will be sharing their hello’s with my sister, Maxine.

There was no discussion of our aches, pains or current health issues.  I was aware by their appearance that some of them do have health issues.

There was no discussion of healthy eating, vegan, gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance. (We had a nice catered meal that we all seemed to appreciate and enjoy and I think we were taught that as we were growing up)

So many times I hear people say, “Well, that is just how they were raised.”  With the above thoughts, I can certainly say that about us as the class of 1964 and I will add to that, whether we were raised on a “Mill Hill” or not, “Our Mamas Raised Us Right.”   Thanks for stopping by.

Leftovers For A Friday – Recipes from Daniel Boone Inn and Angus Steak House

This week has been a week of endings and beginnings.  Tuesday was the first day of Autumn and we are winding down the month of September.  Today I am sharing two recipes from Gail O’Brien’s Book – Recipes from North Carolina’s Historic Restaurants.  I had selected these to share with you earlier in the month of September and time passed by so fast and I am sharing them with you today.

The first page of recipes is from the Dan’l Boone Inn in Boone.  It is a wonderful restaurant with food served family style and has been in business for over 50 years.  Even though it is probably an hour away from where we live in Conover, we haven’t visited the area very often in recent years.  However, it is the home of Appalachian State and has great restaurants and shops.  It is a charming place to visit and I highly recommend eating at the Daniel Boone Inn.  I wanted to share the apple recipe as it is a favorite for me this time of year.  I think the cranberry relish recipe looks like a great addition to any meal and would be especially good for Thanksgiving.  Here is the link to the Dan’l Boone Inn Website:

daniel boone inn

The next page of recipes is from the Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC.  I have never eaten there but it has such a great reputation and has been recommended to me if I should visit Raleigh.  It is very rare to hear of a restaurant that is so good in a city in the eastern part of the state.  By the way, Raleigh is the home of NC State, my favorite college team.  I love that part of the state and it has beautiful rolling hills and great restaurants and festivals.  I think the following recipes would be great for any special occasion. I did not realize the copy wasn’t so great until I started to post about it today.  However, I think you can still read it. Here is a link to their website and they have been in business since 1960.

angus barn

There are so many wonderful places to dine in North Carolina and there is such a variety of cuisines and settings for those wonderful experiences. I hope you are looking forward to a fun weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.









So It’s Fall Yawl!!! Let’s Bake Apricot Bread and A Luncheon Muffin

So as I write this today, we are experiencing the beginning of fall here in North Carolina.  We have enjoyed so many wonderful summer meals and those delicious summer vegetables.  Now, it is time to start thinking about soups and stews.  One thing I think of more in the fall and winter months is baking.  The summer of 2014 wasn’t as hot and humid as summers in the past but I don’t really use my oven much for baking in the summertime.  Of course, we have to make the sacrifice for fresh berry pies but that is about it.

I have a cookbook from the Service League of Hickory entitled Market to Market and I like the cookbook because it includes wonderful Southern traditional recipes but other recipes that I have never heard of.  Today I am sharing a couple of those recipes with you.  First of all, the apricot bread recipe appeals to me.  You could purchase the apricots and have them on hand to prepare the bread at a moments notice.  The other ingredients are staples in most of our kitchens.  Wouldn’t it be a great treat to prepare this on a weekday and have it ready for the kids when they arrive home from school?  That would be a great surprise and I love the idea of serving the bread with cream cheese.  The wonderful new whipped cream cheese would be great with this bread.  YUM!


apricot bread

The second recipe looks super easy and it makes quite a few muffins.  It has one of my favorite ingredients, sour cream and the muffins could be frozen and reheated.  I can even imagine preparing these and having them available for a special occasion later.


luncheon muffin

I don’t think there is anything that makes a home more inviting than the smell of something wonderful baking in the oven.  Happy Fall Yawl and thanks for stopping by.


Do You Coupon?

My Mother loved bargains and she would get super excited if she saved a lot of money on a purchase.  I think I have her shopping gene and that is the reason I love to go to yard sales and shop for bargains now.

In 2008 when the economy in the US declined and I lost my full time job, I started using coupons in a limited way.  I remember talking to a lady in a store one day and she told me she went to a drug store and used her coupons and their bonus rewards because they paid her to shop there.  I didn’t get that at all.  However, I did buy a book on couponing entitled, Coupon Mom.  I enjoyed the book and used some of her techniques.  Here is a link to her website:

I know many people think you have to spend hours and hours to save money and that is absolutely not true.  As I have gotten couponing into my regular routine, I don’t spend a lot of time clipping and saving coupons.  First of all, I have signed up for coupons from proctor and gamble and some other manufacturers that have some of my favorite products, Second, I scan the sale papers on Sunday and clip coupons for products that I will use.  If there is something on sale at a local store, I will fold that paper in half and know I want to refer to it when I do my shopping on Wednesday.

I save lots of  money at our local CVS drug store. In the past, I have gone into the store and the person in front of me would spend less than a dollar for their purchases.  I was always curious about how they did that and I would think they stayed up all night clipping coupons and plotting how to do that. I decided that I was going to figure it out.

I have a CVS extra care card and I use it everytime I go into the store for purchases.  CVS gives me extra bucks rewards for my purchases and I have also joined their beauty club.  I look over the CVS ad each Sunday and see if I have a need for items that have an extra bucks reward for purchase.  Here is a link to their website for more information about their program.  Below are two examples of how I have saved money recently using the extra bucks program.

Example One

Purchased 2 hair care products that retailed at 2 for $24.00 or $12.99 each.  I had an extra bucks reward of $3 and my beauty club reward of $5 which I applied to the purchase.  I had also received an e-mail that included a 30 percent discount for any regular priced items and gave me an additional discount of $7.20.  My total discount for the $24.00 was $15.20.  However, there was an additional bonus to this purchase.  If I purchased two of the products, I would get an extra bucks reward of $10.00 to use for a future purchase.  My total for the purchase was $10.58 but the extra bucks reward of $10.00 reduced my purchase to the sales tax that is charged in North Carolina of 58 cents.

Example Two

When you receive extra bucks they will expire usually within a week or two.  I realized after the above purchase that we needed our fish oil supplements and I saw on the CVS weekly circular they were on sale for buy one get one free.  A bottle of two hundred of the Sundown brand retailed for $20.99 and I would receive another bottle of 200 free.  As I checked my CVS coupons, I not only had the $10 extra bucks but I also had a coupon for $4 off a $20 purchase of any vitamin.  Therefore, my total purchase amount was $7.49 including our state sales tax and each bottle of vitamins cost me $3.50.

If you haven’t tried couponing, I would recommend giving it a try.  It may seem overwhelming at first but it can also help you to save money for more fun things than vitamins or hair care products. In fact, I think my Mother did the same thing.  When we had special occasions she really pulled out all the stops and made them huge celebrations and I think she may have justified that with all the bargains she found along the way.

Thanks for stopping by.


Hilton Head Island – A Heavenly Place

I think my idea of heaven would be a place like Hilton Head Island, SC.  A place with a beautiful seashore and perfect weather, picturesque bike trails that you could ride forever and wonderful places to eat.  If it was heaven, then I suppose I wouldn’t get sunburn on the beach, painful body joints from riding my bicycle and no worries about calories from the wonderful foods I would eat.  Yes, I think that would be heaven. The picture below is at sunset on the beach on a cloudy afternoon.


Today, I am sharing two more recipes from the local Fork and Fun restaurant guide for Hilton Head.  I thought both recipes looked good and would be easy to make.  I especially like the chicken soup recipe.  I know fall will officially arrive next week and we will be thinking of soup.  You could cook the chicken and reserve the broth, freeze it and have it ready to use in the soup whenever you want to make it. My love for peppers makes the garlic pepper bread appetizer so appealing.

garlic bread appetizer

chicken noodle soup

Thank you for sharing my wonderful vacation at Hilton Head Island, SC last week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Fork and Fun and Salsa Camero’n

On Monday, I shared pictures of our vacation week at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  I showed you some of the beautiful scenery and mentioned the beautiful golf courses.  Today, I want to tell you about the wonderful dining experiences at Hilton Head Island.  I don’t think I have ever eaten a meal there that I was dissatisfied with.  There are over 200 restaurants in that area and there are so many different kinds.  You have a choice of deli’s, american, asian, mexican, italian, and of course seafood.  We ate at the restaurant at the Beach Club in Sea Pines for our anniversary meal.  We ate outdoors with a view of the ocean.  The food was prepared well and exactly the way we ordered it.  I had filet mignon and it melted in my mouth and I requested that it would be prepared as medium well and it was exactly the way I requested it.  Mr. D had grilled salmon with clam chowder.  I had a spinach salad with a wonderful sherry dressing.  We shared a dessert of peach cobbler with a strudel topping.  It was a wonderful dining experience and one of many that we enjoyed during our week’s stay. Here is a picture of the Beach Club.


When we arrive at Hilton Head we look for the local magazine, Fork and Fun.  It includes information about the restaurants on the island by category and shares some of the menus.  I think the title Fork and Fun is so appropriate.  Here is a picture of the magazine.

fork and fun

Today, I am sharing a recipe from the magazine entitled Salsa Camero’n.  Even though, I am not a fan of shrimp I thought this looked simple and would be very tasty.

salsa cameron

Many times during the week, I would think of my blog and experiences I wanted to share with you.  I will share another experience on Friday and I wish you could have gone with me and felt the wonderful sea breeze on your face and the sand between your toes.  Thanks for stopping by.


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